MG Macro Calculator
I want the Calculator!
You'll never have to guess how many calories or "macros" (grams of protein, carbohydrates and dietary fats) you need to consume to support your fat loss or muscle building goals
Free Calorie + Macro
All three macros (protein, carbs and fats) can be manually adjusted to suit the dieter's preferences while still staying within the calculated goal
Customizable Macros
Weekly Targets
The MG Macro Calculator also gives you weekly weight loss or weight gain targets (example: -1.2 lbs/week or +0.8 lbs/week) based on your goal selection
There are many goals to choose from, including lean bulk, maintenance, moderate fat loss, aggressive fat loss and more
 Personalized Goals
A well designed diet tailored to suit your goals, along with a well structured training program, is what you need to attain the body you’ve always wanted
Nutrition is half the battle